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Emergency Dentist Phoenix

We see 8-12 Broken or Fractured Teeth Every Week.Each situation is different in the end you are looking for an Emergency Dentist Phoenix that can solve your problem.  We will work quickly and efficiently to help each patient get the care they deserve.  Most patients first Emergency Visit is to make sure no more damage is done, treat any trauma that has occurred and plan for permanent solutions that may be needed in the near term.

Sedation is Available

We Understand Dental Emergencies can be Stressful.  We don’t want any patient to avoid seeking treatment for fear of a procedure we offer sedation and work hard to make the process as calm and restorative as possible.


27 Cumulative Years of Emergency Dental Experience All In One Office.  Our staff and professional trained dentist have worked in all situations including one as an Army Infantry Officer – so trust that our staff will have your back in your time of need.

Let’s Get You From Ouch – to WOW!!

Our goal at Phoenix Emergency Dentistry is to take you from the hassles of a dental emergency all the way to a better more beautiful smile than you started.  With 27+ years of dental experience we are the Emergency Dentists Phoenix that can help you with everything from tooth extractions to the newest in CEREC computer aided design and ZOOM teeth whitening we hope to take your smile to the best it can be step by step.

Step One– fix what is hurting or broken or keeping you from fully enjoying life.  Most of our patients have been typically battling dental issues for years and eventually something that was a small problem becomes a big problem.  Our dentists are here to help with those situations.

Step Two – create a plan for – as best we can – keeping that issue from happening again.  Many times our patients problems stem from an existing dental issue.  Misaligned teeth or an bad fitting crown from a previous issue creating stress and pressure on another healthy tooth.  We will take the time and effort to appropriately address the issue from a holistic perspective to help you avoid similar issues in the future.  Come see us Emergency Dentist Phoenix.

Step Three – look at ways to make your smile the best it can be.  We want you to have the best smile we can.  If that means replacing a old crown that is causing you other issues.  Or, maybe whitening or working are better alignment – Phoenix Emergency Dentistry can help.

We are here to get you through your dental emergency as a quickly and painlessly as possible.  Both to your mouth and  your wallet.  We offer a number of payment options including two national credit providers that work with all credit types. Our office can even arrange payment plans in house to help you navigate the unexpected.

We LOVE Phoenix and it is our home.

Phoenix Emergency Dentistry prides ourselves in being a positive influence in our community and participate in a number of nonprofits and outreach programs through the community.  We have sponsored everything from a cycling team – to Boys and Girls After-School Programs to local 5k Runs.  Let us know what is important to you – reach out to us any time about your community program.

Emergency Dentist Phoenix Testimonial 1

Sadie – Emergency Testimonial

Sadie came in after an unfortunate mountain bike accident and had cracked two of her front teeth.  First step was to make sure there were no other injuries or problems that had to be dealt with – as she had come in directly from the trail.  We were able to help her and with one week she had two CEREC crowns completed and she was back to work and back on the trail as if nothing had happened.

If you see her out and about on the trail tell her we said hi.  😉